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At Southeastern, we make ACTIVE recommendations to rebalance into those strategies with the broadest opportunity set. We do not sit on stale allocations or tolerate persistent underperformance. While our approach is more work, it has shown to deliver durable results.


Our clients receive:


·       ​A single point of accountability

·       An open-ended service commitment

·       Tactical opportunities

·       A 30-day research guarantee

What Makes Us Different

We have only one business – our client’s investment success.​​


·       Because we work harder for fewer clients, our consultants can pay attention to the

        details that move performance. We are ACTIVE Investment Consultants.


·       Smaller and capital constrained strategies can invest in less competitive and more

        inefficient areas to produce outsized returns. A large broker-related or large

        independent consultant may only recommend strategies that can be scaled across

        their entire platform. We show our clients a different set of asset managers than

        those who typically attend popular pension conferences.


·       We may recommend passive investment for a portion of public equity allocations.

        This significantly lowers the fee profile of the entire investment program. With these

        fee savings, we often recommend capacity constrained strategies in inefficient



·       We have structured all aspects of our business to be responsive to changing

        markets and client needs.

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